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Department Features

1. A practical work curriculum planning: Implementation of the Ministry of Education, "practical work courses of technology universities industrial R & D and pilot plan". Undergraduate programs are positioned under three suitable job titles, i.e., CNC Applications CNC Applications Engineers, Automation Kinematics and Dynamics Machinery Engineers and Mechatronics Engineers ". All departments for courses and the sessions number of configurations, syllabi, course maps, and the preparation of teaching materials. Teachers and teaching facilities planning are to cultivate these three suitable job titles of general ability and professional competence. Graduate programs are positioned under four suitable job titles, i.e., Process Integration Engineers, CNC and Automation equipment development engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, and Technology Management Engineers. 

2. The course combines licenses. Part in the curriculum will be designed for the implementation of the certification counseling and enrich the course content with practical work in accordance with the effectiveness of the implementation in the past. It can enhance students' interest in learning; this will help students to obtain a diploma in addition to a professional license and a computer license.

3. Practice Special Projects combination of competition and exhibitors: “Practice Special Projects " courses combine with the competition and exhibitors to participate in the contest to inspire students to compete with an objective to establish and cultivate students' sense of honor and self-confidence, strengthen the competitiveness of the students.

4. Profession and humanitie. Focus on the arrangements and a wide range of practical work courses in general education courses, so that each student develops a sound personality and incorporate music and art with professional and technical enterprises.

5. Industry Practice combined with Practical Special Projects and Industry-Academic Cooperation. Industrial internship period observed or encountered issue back to school discussions. Project work teacher to set the "topic" of practice subject, theme for internship business needs solution to the problem. "Special Projects” subject will receive a certification of the company, or even signed the case of Industry-academic Cooperation program, greatly enhancing students' practical work ability.