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In the Institute of Mechatronoptic Systems, the backgrounds of the students are electrical and mechanical engineering. To encourage a holistic mindset, we avoid the traditional fact-based method of teaching and instead encourage the development of thinking and logic. We push students to remain inquisitive when approaching problems and to challenge authority by using their independence in thinking. As the breadth of our faculty demonstrates, we have attained our goal of recruiting experts in their respective fields. They allow us to branch into our four teaching programs: robotics and intelligent control, optoelectric and communication technology, nanotechnology and materials science, and technology management. We strive to reach the following when training our students:

1. To nurture expertise in designing electrical control systems.

2. To nurture expertise in automation design.

3. To incubate the expert skilled in “Integration of mechanical and electrical.”

4. To nurture expertise in production systems.

5. To nurture expertise in the management of design systems.

6. To nurture expertise in the management of systems testing.